What can I recycle?
What can’t I recycle?

Generally, our recycling process allows a generous amount of materials to recycle.

• Metals – Aluminum, Steel and Tin

• Paper and Cardboard

• Glass – Clear, Brown, Green

• Plastics – Call for guidelines

• Batteries/Bulbs

• Electronics and Equipment


  • Do you recycle plastic bags?

    Yes all sizes.

  • Do you recycle polystyrene foam plastics?

    Yes that is recyclable.

  • Do you recycle motor oil or oil filters?

    Yes those are recyclable.

  • Do you recycle electronics?

    Yes, just about any electronics.

  • Do you pick up furniture for recycling or reuse?


Whether the services needed are permanent dumpsters, recycling, or compactor services, we have found Capitol to do an excellent job in all areas. They exceed our every expectations, on a regular basis. Capitol is a company that provides us with reliability.”

— The Lakes Country Club


“At Otterbein University, we pride ourself on having a very clean campus environment. We chose Capitol Waste for our waste management services. A college campus is a busy place, and the dependability we have with Capitol Waste management is important to us.”

— Otterbein University


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