Save on Hauling Costs,
Energy Usage and

Reduce Your
Carbon Footprint

Choose compactor services from Capitol for your restaurants and save up to 50% on hauling costs, save up to 70% on energy usage, and all the while reducing your carbon footprint.

• Eliminate the task of managing your compactor, prevent overflows and overweight compactors.

• Compactor services from Capitol is the smart solution to reducing your waste management costs. Find out more by scheduling a consultation.

“Capitol provides us dumpster service on which we rely heavily. Timely pick-up, a clean operation, and responsive customer service are all important services we want at Burnham Square. Capitol delivers.”

— Burnham Square

“Goodwill generates a large volume of waste. We chose Capitol Waste & Recycling Services for our recycling needs. Capitol helps us do our part to keep America green.”

— Goodwill Industries


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